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A Scott Joplin Montage

A Scott Joplin Montage




Frank has taken two familiar Scott Joplin pieces and woven them into a lively and exciting arrangement that is fun to play. The "Peacherine Rag" and "Bethena" are two pieces that are heard often in movie scores and are recognizably Scott Joplin but are not so "overdone" as "The Entertainer" or "The Maple Leaf Rag." All parts are required, i.e., no parts are optional. The melody bounced back and forth through all the parts. All parts are the same level of difficulty. Lever and pedal markings are clearly notated. Lever changes are easy with plenty of time to engage the lever between notes. Page turns are easy. A full-size Conductor's Score is included (also easy to read) with Conductor's Notes. This is a great finale for student recitals. This is also a great teaching aid for harp instructors. In April 2009, this piece was premiered by the American Youth Harp Ensemble at their Gala Concert in Richmond, VA.

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