Huckleberry Trail


This piece was inspired by a trip to Missoula, MT. A harpist friend and her husband invited Frank to join them on a trip to Coeur d'Alene, ID (in Frank's opinion, it is the Beverly Hills of the Northwest) on one day; and then they drove to Glacier National Park the next day. On the way to the park, they stopped at a souvenir shop for a slice of huckleberry pie. Frank had never tasted a huckleberry - it is the state fruit of ID and only grows in ID and MT. You can hear the grandeur of the mountains (and the deliciousness of huckleberry pie) in this piece - quite a combination! It is in C Minor with easy page turns and one lever or pedal change. Lever harps tuned in C Major can play Huckleberry Trail in C# Minor.

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